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Chinese Dragon Nebula - NGC 6559 - 18"x24" Canvas Print

Chinese Dragon Nebula - NGC 6559 - 18"x24" Canvas Print

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Chinese Dragon Nebula NGC 6559  18"x24" Canvas Print (verticle)

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NGC 6559 is a star-forming region located within the Milky Way galaxy. Sometimes referred to as the Chinese Dragon nebula. It is situated in the constellation Sagittarius, relatively close to the center of our galaxy. NGC stands for "New General Catalogue," and the number 6559 is its designation within this catalog, which is a comprehensive list of various astronomical objects.

NGC 6559 is known for its complex and visually striking appearance, often observed as a collection of bright, glowing gas and dust clouds interspersed with dark lanes and filaments. This region is part of a larger area of star formation within the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way, which is one of the spiral arms of our galaxy.

The stunning visual appearance of NGC 6559 is due to the presence of young, massive stars that are in the process of forming within the dense clouds of gas and dust. These young stars emit intense ultraviolet radiation, which ionizes the surrounding gas, causing it to glow brightly. This ionization creates emission nebulae, which are areas of glowing gas illuminated by the energetic radiation of the young stars.

Additionally, NGC 6559 may contain clusters of stars that were born from the same cloud of gas and are gravitationally bound to one another. These star clusters can be identified by the tight grouping of stars within a relatively small region.

Observing and studying regions like NGC 6559 provides valuable insights into the processes of star formation, the evolution of young stellar objects, and the dynamics of God's creations within our galaxy. Astronomers use various telescopes and instruments, including those sensitive to different wavelengths of light such as visible, infrared, and radio waves, to study the intricate details of NGC 6559 and similar star-forming regions.

This photo of the Chinese Dragon nebula NGC 6559 represents one (1) evening of capturing protons. Combining 120 two-minute exposures for a total integration time of four (4) hours. The beautiful oranges and yellows of this nebula are its attraction. The dark area/line in the middle of the nebula resembles a Chinese Dragon. The Bible verse helps us to remember the great battle of God’s Arc Angel Michael in defeating the dragon. The dark universe surrounding helps this nebula to stand out. The spiked stars helps to remind us that God has Angels everywhere who protect us. Astronomy photography requires specialized equipment, more work, more editing, and a lot of patience. Where God guides, he provides.

Containing Bible verse Revelations 12:7-8 - Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.

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Produced by Douglas Trudeau Photography LLC. dba

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