Welcome to WhereGodGuides.com.

 In 2022 I prayed a special prayer to God, asking him to show me how I could get closer to him. I listened, waited, and patiently listened some more. God introduced me to his Heavenly creations thousands of light years away.

Amazed with what God revealed to me, I prayed again for God to help me bring others closer to him. He took me on a long, wonderful journey. Arriving at WhereGodGuides.com. You can witness the power of God through his Heavenly creations and His Word from your home, your office, your church, meeting hall, or wherever you would like to be inspired by God's greatness or you can share with others to stimulate them to get closer to God with you. WhereGodGuides.com is the right place to do that. Attractive inspiring wall art you can enjoy for years.

Beyond the blue skies of day, the clouds, and the twinkling stars of the evening you will soon grasp God’s marvelous wonders and begin to imagine other heavenly creations beyond what we can see within our limited natural realm.

Deep sky or astronomy photography requires sophisticated equipment for what is referred to as capturing protons. Some of these images take several nights to capture enough protons to reveal the true beauty that each holds. Some photos are a compilation of hundreds of images that amount to hours of integration. Some with over 24 hours of integration. Some requiring individual image exposures of as little as a few seconds to over 5 minutes to create a final integration illustration of up hundreds of images. You may see similar images. You may see scripture, verses, and prayers for decorating your walls. But, can you find anywhere else that offers celestial imagery combined with scripture, verse or prayers? You will find them at WhereGodGuides.com.   

The colors you see are close to what is natural, how God created them not how mankind manipulated them. Using special filters to bring out the protons of each targeted object while blocking light pollution from city lights. I humbly work with the tools God has shown me in order to bring out his wonderous universe the best that I can to share them with you. Everything you see are through God's hand.

If you enjoy witnessing God's creations, WhereGodGuides.com is for you. Subscribe for notification of new releases, special offers, and discount codes. You haven't seen anything yet. There is more to come. God bless you and let's share God's answer to my humble prayers together.